Jul 162015

July 16th, 2015

As previously announced, Kawartha Land Trust (KLT) is in negotiations with the owner of Boyd Island for securement of the property. A confidential Letter of Intent has been given to KLT by the owner of the property, Mr. Michael Wilson, subject to certain conditions. Up on satisfaction of these conditions, it is the intent of the landowner to donate the property to KLT. It is the intention of KLT to accept the donation, provided sufficient capital funds can be raised in the community to support continued ownership, management and stewardship of the property in perpetuity.

The landowner is seeking municipal approval for changes to the zoning and subdivision plan currently applying to the property. Specifically, the landowner is seeking a reduction in the number of residential lots on the current plan of sub division from 95 lots to 10 lots. It is the landowner’s ultimate intention to reserve 2 lots for his own use, the balance of the property to be donated to KLT. Applications have been submitted for an amendment to the plan of subdivision and zoning, which applications are currently under review by planning staff.

KLT and the landowner are hopeful that the applications will be supported by staff, and presented to Peterborough County Council and Municipality of Trent Lakes Council for consideration on August 5 and 11, 2015, respectively. We look forward to a positive response. KLT and the landowner are excited about this major donation. All parties are working diligently to support the project andare hopeful that it will proceed this year. We look forward to continued support from the local community.

Further information will be provided as soon as it is available.

Mike Hendren
Executive Director
Kawartha Land Trust

KLT Boyd Island Report – July 16th 2015 final

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