Water Quality Monitoring


NPLA partners with the Kawartha Lake Stewards Association to monitor the water quality of Pigeon Lake, Bass Lake, and Nogies Creek. We test surface waters for E. coli bacteria and for phosphorus levels. Testing for E. coli is primarily for swimming safety, while tracking phosphorus levels over time (through the Ontario Lake Partner Program) can tell us about the health of our lake.

Five locations are sampled in North Pigeon Lake from late May to early October:

  • Riverside (1A) (until 2019)
  • Pigeon Hollow (5A)
  • Bell Haven (6)
  • Pigeon Lake Resort – Marina (8)
  • Mouth of Channel (13)
  • Watergarden Park (14) (starting in 2020)

Samples are transported to the SGS Canada laboratory, in Lakefield, for analysis.

In 2017, Line Pinard and George Brown, with help from Kent Crawford, took over the sampling program from Francis Currer and Tom McCarron. Francis and Tom conducted the sampling on behalf of NPLA for 15 years!

Follow links for results:

2020 Pigeon Lake E. coli Test Results

2019 Pigeon Lake E. coli Test Results

2018 Pigeon Lake E. coli Test Results

2017 Pigeon Lake E. coli Test Results

Bass Lake E. coli Test Results

Nogies Creek Water Quality Test Results

Photo of Francis pulling up a water sampling bottle, while Tom looks on.

Francis Currer and Tom McCarron conducting water quality sampling on north Pigeon Lake, May 2016. Francis and Tom volunteered their time for 15 years.