Shoreline Gardens Workshops – Aug & Sept 2018

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Jul 252018

Beautiful and biodiverse – Shoreline gardens are functional, fantastic and fun. They can be tailored to match your style, maintain your views, and increase privacy- and they will help to attract birds, bees, and wildlife, while deterring nuisance geese and invasive warm water fishes.  Naturalized shorelines also filter water.

Keep your lake clean and healthy for future generations with a native shoreline garden.

Walk away with custom designs and plant lists for your shoreline.

The Land Between is offering three more Shoreline Garden Workshops this year. Check their website for more details.

What do dark skies have to do with human health & biodiversity?

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Jul 272017

Dark skies are an overlooked feature of the environment and are essential to keeping our wildlife and ourselves healthy!  Dark skies help us sleep, increase our immunity and metabolism, and are this important for most mammals, birds, fishes and plants… Without night skies, we don’t reach REM sleep, and nor do hummingbirds or loons. Lighting at night distracts, confuses, and exhausts pollinators and migrating birds, and actually invites predators. Most modern forms of night lights can also blind us to the shadows.   But, there are simple fixes!….an inexpensive orange filter can make a world of difference; it can keep your property safe, ensure you see a larger distance, and not harm the wildlife too. A sheath on the fixture can also help neighbor relations as well as migrating birds…. Read More