Jan 232017

Dear Mr. Simmons,

I have received your correspondence over the past couple of weeks.  Thank you.

I appreciate the effort taken to track me down as Canada Post had changed my address from the one I gave at the public meeting Friday Jan 16, 2015.  You even emailed me the Return to Sender envelope.  It speaks volumes that you took the time and are taking concerns of citizens seriously and you take communication with local citizens seriously.  The more that people are aware by direct correspondence, the more residents can be proactive rather than reactive.  There is a respect element also of you contacting us all directly rather than putting all of the onus on the citizens, to keep abreast of all information regarding pits and quarries in Trent Lakes.   Thank you again.   I am President of North Pigeon Lake Association (NPLA) and our area of membership has expanded to include the watershed.  We have members who live on Bass Lake.  I am also a resident on Bass Lake Rd.

It is difficult and upsetting for many of us who moved up to this area for peace, quiet and tranquil sounds of nature to now be experiencing noise caused by aggregate extraction.  Hmm I wonder how many quarry/pit owners actually live near their businesses.   That would be an interesting statistic but I digress………

After reading your correspondence I have questions for Shawn Trimper from Eastern Region.  I wonder if I can have a copy of the Addendum to the Hydrogeological Assessment to support the Site Plan Amendment.  I am not sure it will answer my questions but I am wanting to know about the monitoring program of the test wells.  What are the parameters and objectives.  Who will be looking at the results and doing the analysis?  I would hope they would  be made public.

Also when you say that the monitoring needs to be done two years prior to any dewatering of the quarry site …… does this mean that quarrying can be done until the water table is involved and then the two years of monitoring starts?

Could I also have a copy of the Noise Feasibility Study please.  Where I live I hear the quarrying now and I am approx 4 km away.  I know that friends and NPLA members on Bass Lake and Silver Lake experience more noise and dust then we do down here on Bass Lake Rd.

I respect the time you have taken to work with local clubs.

Please let me know when the Citizens’ Liaison Committee will be set up.

I am pleased that Trent Lakes has requested another information meeting this summer as our cottages will be here and people who leave for the winter will be back.  I am hoping there will be a representative from the MNRF there to answer questions.


Janet Klein

President NPLA & resident on Bass Lake Rd.

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