Jun 162014

It is only with your support, in large numbers, which lend us voice and clout to protect our water and land and yes our north Pigeon Lake environment. The NPLRA needs you as a member and we need some of you to step up and help the Board of Directors continue their oversight of the behavior of our local, provincial and federal politicians are doing (or in some case not doing!).

Is this a plea for membership and voices to be heard? Absolutely yes!

Our plea is to all those who call the area on or around the north end of Pigeon Lake theirs, be it a farm, a home on a back road, a seasonal resident on a creek or a lakeside cottage. Our association is all encompassing.

WE have made ourselves heard throughout the last 2 years in ways that had not been seen in a decade. That visible due diligence on our elected officials and bureaucrats needs to be continued especially in an election year for those who impact our lifestyle so intimately like our local township councils and mayors.

If you want more of the same in our council then stay silent but the repercussions will be drastic and some will impact you in negative fashion be it from taxation, noise, air pollution to traffic chaos.

Please download our application/renewal form and a brief high-level bullet list of actions taken and continuing.

Thank you for renewing or joining and bringing your neighbours along with you.

Our annual General Meeting is at 10:00 AM, July 19th, 2014 At The Bobcaygeon Lawn Bowling Club

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