Mar 082018

NPLA Director Marie Windover attended the recent WaterScape: Community Discussions on Protecting Water for Future Generations session in Peterborough, co-hosted by the Canadian Environmental Law Association (CELA), Ontario Environment Network (OEN), and Ontario Headwaters Institute (OHI) in partnership with Peterborough GreenUP. It was one of six in-person sessions held across southern Ontario between February 6-22.

The in-person sessions had the following goals:

  • To educate and engage interested individuals and organizations about Ontario’s water protection policies, particularly in response to the Protecting Water for Future Generations proposal; and,
  • To listen to the community, whose observations informed the submission (see below).

At the session, feedback was sought on the following questions:

  1. Are the increased measures in the Greenbelt adequate to the need to protect water there?
  2. Are there other areas of the province where increased protection for water should be applied?
  3. Is the Province doing enough to protect water?

Your NPLA Board, along with over 50 other environmental and community groups, endorsed the joint CELA, OEN, and OHI submission to the Ontario Government regarding its proposal: Protecting Water for Future Generations: Growing the Greenbelt in the Outer Ring (EBR Registry Number: 013-1661).

The submission includes Seventeen (17) Recommendations:

Protecting Water for Future Generations submission


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