Sep 302017
Hi Folks,
            We’ve recently come across an opportunity to support a FOCA RED Grant which is designed to learn more about Entrepreneurs who work from their cottage/lakefront properties. 
            They’re looking to find stats/reports related to this group. Are any of you connected with local Cottage Associations in your community that might be willing to help with this information?
            They’re also looking to find Entrepreneurs who work from their cottage/lakefront properties to interview (even if they reside outside of KL for part of the year).
            If you know anyone who fits this description, please feel free to connect them with me. It may take me some time to reply to this inquiry as we have only submitted an offer to support should they need it.
Thank You.
Bob Minhas
Economic Development – Community
City of Kawartha Lakes
Mobile: 705-340-2276
For business development information, visit
For tourism information, visit
For local food information, visit

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