Jan 222015
Kawartha Conservation

Trent Lakes council in a 4/5 vote supported the KRCA concept of the Nogies Creek Waterway Park! Those of us in attendance from CFRAD were very very excited. This brings together everything that was being said at Dewdney Mountain OMB about the unique nature of the region. The council also supported the Pigeon Lake Management Plan and the extension of the Blue Canoe Program into north Pigeon, Little Bald and Big Bald. Yeah!

  1. Concept – Nogies Creek Waterway Park: Nogies Creek / North Pigeon Lake / Boyd (Big) Island region including Fleming College property next to Dewdney property, right to Bass Lake – area involved. In this area… Canoe routes, fish sanctuary and research, scientific study, self guided nature trails, interpretive profiling of unique watershed geology, physiology (land between), fishery, natural features, forestry, wildlife and cultural heritage.
  2. Establish a working group of stakeholders including municipalities
  3. Use Tullys and Kens Road allowances for pedestrian trail for access to Fleming College property for students / faculty / community.

Download Nogies Creek Waterway Park Concept presentation by Rob Messervey.

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