Mar 262018

City calls on residents to help stop illegal dumping

Kawartha Lakes – The City has become aware of two recent incidents involving large quantities of waste containing hazardous materials being illegally dumped on City roads.

“These types of illegal dumping incidents cost thousands of dollars to clean up,” explained Bryan Robinson, Director of Public Works. “We are asking residents with information to come forward so we can hold those responsible accountable for their actions.”

How you can help:

  • Report any illegally dumped waste by calling 705-324-9411
  • Report any suspicious activity such as trucks with large loads parking on back roads – especially at night, by calling Kawartha Lakes OPP at 705-324-6741, or Kawartha Lakes Police Service at 705-324-5252
  • If possible note the license plate number, type of vehicle, time of day and location when reporting suspicious activity
  • Require proof of disposal (such as tipping receipts from the landfill) when a contractor is disposing of waste on your behalf
  • Always dispose of your waste during curbside collection or at City landfill sites

Illegal dumping facts:

  • City of Kawartha Lakes tax payers end up paying the costs to clean up illegally dumped waste
  • Chemicals from illegal dump sites can contaminate wells and surface water
  • Dumped tires and mattresses can be infested with disease carrying mosquitos
  • Illegal dump sites attract rodents, insects and other vermin
  • Pets and wildlife near dump sites can be harmed by ingesting hazardous materials, injured by sharp objects and suffocate if they become stuck in the debris
  • Dump sites often contain broken glass, syringes, medical waste and toxic substances like asbestos
  • Illegal dumping prevents the natural runoff of water during heavy rain and can cause flooding and property damage
  • Illegal dumping sites are a fire hazard
  • Illegal dumping negatively impacts tourism and quality of life for residents

Illegal dumping is a crime. The City will continue to actively investigate and report all illegal dumping incidents.

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