Hazardous waste drop off for Trent Lakes

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Sep 302017


Household Hazardous Waste

Kiosk at the Buckhorn Transfer Station Closing for Season

For residents of Trent Lakes the last Household Hazardous Waste service day is Sunday, October 8, 2017 from noon to 4:30 pm . The collection kiosk will then close for the season.

The Peterborough Pido Road Depot, at 400 Pido Rd, in Peterborough is open year round and open to all Peterborough County residents.

The Pido Road HHW Depot Hours from October 1 to April 30 are WednesdayThursday, Friday, and Saturday8am-4pm.

For information on Acceptable Household Hazardous Waste items please follow the link below to the Peterborough County website and scroll down to select and open the drop down list:



Selwyn council hears wild rice concerns

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Sep 302017

Reprinted from Lakefield Herald (Friday, September 29, 2017):

Selwyn council hears wild rice concerns


In spite of an unusually thin agenda, all the seats in Selwyn’s council chambers were occupied Tuesday night.

Council was also somewhat thinned out as Councillor Herron was not in attendance and Mayor Smith left after about twenty minutes to attend another obligation.

The issue that approximately thirty people attended the meeting for was not on the agenda, but was included after the document was sent out: wild rice.

Angela Chittick, Manager of Community & Corporate Services/Clerk told Council and attendees that beginning Friday afternoon and continuing throughout the weekend, Selwyn staff received a number of letters from shoreline property owners on and around Pigeon Lake concerned about wild rice harvesting.

To accommodate the property owners, staff added the wild rice harvesting correspondences under ‘New Business’ and drafted a resolution for Council’s consideration. The resolution stated that a letter be sent to the federal government working with the First Nations Working Committee working on a management plan for wild rice harvesting requesting, on behalf of the people, to advance their concerns about the mechanical harvesting of wild rice and that it is disturbing their enjoyment of their property. Additionally, the resolution stated that MP Maryam Monsef be requested to advance this on behalf of residents and a copy be sent to neighbouring townships.

Councillor Ballantyne said that the issue of wild rice growth and commercial harvesting is not new to her. She has been dealing with it for about ten years.

Ballantyne said that, “as it stands right now, First Nations people seem to hold all the power and the shoreline property owners have a serious issue affecting property values and quality of life.”

“The federal government needs to see the repercussions associated with their legislation for all Canadians concerned, therefore, I whole-heartedly support this motion,” Ballantyne said.

Before taking the position of Chair, Deputy Mayor Senis told the group of property owners that she was “very sorry that we’re here again dealing with this issue after so many years of not being resolved.”

“Many residents feel that our township should have the ability to affect change. If it is an issue under our jurisdiction, we do act quickly to find a solution. However, as Donna has said and as our motion states, this issue, with regards to wild rice growth and commercial harvesting and seeding is under the umbrella of the federal government,” Senis said.

Deputy Mayor Senis said that, “both Parks Canada and our MP seemed to have dropped the ball quite badly because this has gone on for far too many years.”

“I support the motion today as well and I believe each individual in this room should send an email to your MP and to Trent Severn Waterway to let them know how you’re affected by this. We will send our motion and it’ll come from our township. But I believe, in order for them to understand the magnitude of what’s happening on Pigeon Lake, Chemong Lake and Buckhorn Lake will only be felt if they receive emails from you. I support this motion whole-heartedly,” Senis commented.

Councillor Locke said she echoed what Sherry and Donna said and that, “it’s a long-standing issue and it’s really impacting your enjoyment and value of your homes. I’m really hoping that our MP and Trent Severn Waterway and Parks Canada will seriously look at this issue because I’m sure that it’s not just here. I hope we can get to the bottom of this.”

Councillor Locke also said she supported the motion.

Mayor Smith said she thought that the point is a good one, “that your personal stories are important about how this affects you.” She told the property owners that she thought the appropriate level of government that has any authority is the federal government.

Councillor Ballantyne called for a recorded vote which resulted in a unanimous vote in support of sending a letter requesting that MP Monsef advance the property owners concerns regarding wild rice growth and mechanical harvesting on behalf of residents to the Working Committee and the federal government.

Mayor Smith opened the floor to questions and Pigeon Lake resident Gary White asked to have seeding added to the motion. He said “it is very important to get rid of it.”

Mayor Smith replied that the immediate meeting was to discuss mechanical harvesting and the noise issue.

Another Pigeon Lake property owner, identified only as Mr. Wood, told Council that he had received a number of emails from people complaining that they were unable to attend the meeting and unable to speak their minds so an email/petition was crafted that basically said, “we need your help to save Pigeon Lake from becoming a permanent commercial rice farm. The intentional seeding and commercial harvesting of rice in public waters is causing unbearable condition [sic] which is impeding the waterway, affecting our quality of life and the value of our homes “

Mr. Wood told Council that within twenty-four hours he received over eighty signatures. He provided the Clerk with a copy of the petition for the public record.

Mr. Wood also requested that “in order to show the seriousness of this issue that the township should go out beyond their scope and say enough is enough and just show, you as a township, are as concerned about this as we are. And I would like to propose that we consider the closing down of the boat ramp on September 1 part through the harvesting season and then open it again.”

Mr. Wood said that this would send “a big message that the township of Selwyn is not in favour of this kind of activity“

Deputy Mayor Senis, asked that a copy of the petition be included with their motion.

Councillor Ballantyne made the motion to support the recommended resolution and Deputy Mayor Senis seconded it.

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FOCA Elert – Labour Day Long Weekend 2017

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Sep 012017
FOCA Banner people at lake
FOCA Elert – Labour Day Long Weekend 2017
Register now!
2017 FOCA Fall Seminar for Lake Associations:
“Strong Associations for Future Generations”
Saturday, November 4th, 2017 in Toronto

With a focus on finding and engaging new & younger lake association members, we encourage all our members to bring your success stories from the past summer, as well as your burning questions, for some peer-to-peer review.

We are very excited to announce our keynote speakers: Alex and Tyler Mifflin, “The Water Brothers.” They will share stories of their acclaimed eco-adventure documentary series, their time as Georgian Bay cottagers, today’s water challenges, and the essential role of young people to implement emerging solutions over the coming generation.

Get more details about the event, and link to the online registration page, here:
Some comments from last year’s attendees:
What did you like most about the event? > “Like-minded people with similar concerns and interests, coming together to share and grow.” … “In-person connection with other associations and the FOCA staff and Board.” …

What would you tell another member who might consider attending? > “I don’t know of another forum where I could connect to other committed cottagers and learn together, for the benefit of all, and our lakes.” Last year, 36% of attendees said it was their first time at a FOCA event. Have you been thinking about attending? This should be your year! Register now…

FOCA’s Gold-level Sponsors
CottageLINK Rental Management
Cottage Life
Recent Events
Live Action

FOCA’s Terry Rees and videographer Chelsie Xavier-Blower have been on the road attending member events this summer, to capture imagery and comments about what makes lake associations great. Here, they are pictured near Faraday (Trout) Lake, where Terry participated in the Association’s Annual General Meeting, on August 5th.

Chelsie, a graduate student with Fleming College’s Environmental Visual Communications program, will launch the video result of all her recent efforts at the FOCA Fall Seminar on November 4thPlan to attend!
Climate Change in Muskoka: A Workshop about Extreme Weather and Shoreline Property
August 8th, 2017 – At this event in Huntsville, Dan Sandink of the Institute for Catastrophic Loss Reduction outlined how increased damage to boats and related equipment was linked to the extended periods of time that waterfront properties were left unattended. As we head into the late summer season, consider your own plans to be at your property, and what measures you should take to secure it when you’re not there as often.
To see Dan’s presentation from the event, and others from Muskoka Watershed Council, Environment Canada, Risk Sciences International, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry, and FOCA, visit:  http://www.climateontario.ca/w_CCinMuskoka_WP.php
Partners in Invasive Species Prevention
August 16, 2017 – FOCA was with the Ministers of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF) and Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA), along with other key program partners at a media event in Peterborough, celebrating our long-standing partnership on invasive species prevention and awareness. “FOCA encourages every cottager to have an action plan to prevent the spread of invasive species to our precious lakes and rivers,” said Terry Rees. Get more information, including a link to YOUR action plan, here:  https://foca.on.ca/news-ontario-partners-fight-invasive-species/
Pictured L to R: Terry Rees of FOCA, OMAFRA Minister Jeff Leal, MNRF Minister Kathryn McGarry, Tracy Cooke of the Invasive Species Centre, Angelo Lombardo of the Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters, and Ken Towle of the Ontario Invasive Plant Council. (Image courtesy MNRF.)
Environment Council for Clear, Ston(e)y and White Lakes

August 25, 2017 – Crowes Landing, Stoney Lake. Along with our colleague Jacob Rodenburg from Camp Kawartha, FOCA helped to lead a discussion about engaging communities in stewardship, and getting the next generation(s) involved. The Environment Council has a long history of leadership in the region, and is looking for exciting new ways to keep their important work effective, relevant and broadly accessible.


Cottage Succession

August 26, 2017 – FOCA’s Cottage Succession Seminar series with estate lawyer Peter Lillico was hosted by the Halls & Hawk Lakes Property Owners Association, talking about keeping the family in the cottage for the next generation.

“Many thanks to the FOCA team for arranging Peter Lillico’s presentation and Terry’s participation. We had 57 HHLPOA members in attendance, and it was very clear that the presentation and the information was very important, and all were appreciative of the information conveyed.” (from Peter Dadzis, President, HHLPOA)
This was our final in-person event for the year. Are you interested in bringing this popular seminar to your area next summer? Contact the FOCA office!
Safety & Risk Management
Extreme Weather in Cottage Country 
Environment Canada confirmed that a tornado touched down in early August near Lake of Bays, and on Fairy Lake near Huntsville. Images and video from the area can be found here:  http://www.torontosun.com/2017/08/07/second-tornado-in-ontario-cottage-country
Storms in cottage country over the past weeks caused tree damage and structural damage in several locations, and led to extended periods without power at many cottages. FOCA encourages everyone to prepare for extreme weather and power outages at the cottage. Make a plan, build a kit, and stay informed. Learn more, here:  https://foca.on.ca/emergency-response-in-remote-areas/.
Cottage Fire Investigation 
In early August, investigators with the Ontario Fire Marshal’s office reported that the cause of a fire last Christmas at a cottage near Stoney Lake remains undetermined, but the location of smoke alarms in the building may have played a role in the tragedy that took the lives of the family of four. In particular, we note this quote from an investigator, as reported by CP24:
“…the take-away for the community is that smoke detectors should be located close to sleeping areas, with consideration of the structure taken into account. They should also be tested once a month and batteries should be completely changed at least once a year.”
FOCA’s Silver-level Sponsors
Policy & Advocacy Updates
Hydro One proposed new Distribution Rates – Have your Say

On September 26, 2017 Hydro One will make a presentation to the Ontario Energy Board (OEB) decisions-makers, in which it must address the issues raised by customers during the 10 community meetings held this past summer. If you’d like more information in relation to Hydro’s One’s 2018-2022 distribution rate application, visit FOCA’s webpage on the issue:  https://foca.on.ca/decision-on-hydro-ones-2015-2019-distribution-rates-application/


Changes to Land Use Planning, and the Ontario Municipal Board

The Ontario Government is proposing significant changes to the way land use planning decisions are made in Ontario, including the possible establishment of new Local Planning Appeal Tribunals to replace the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB). Learn more about the proposed changes and see FOCA’s comments to the OMB, here:  https://foca.on.ca/omb-ontario-municipal-board-changes/

New round of Consultations for the Algonquin Land Claim

Ontario is seeking comment on their Draft Environmental Evaluation Report (EER) from August 28, 2017 through October 17, 2017. They will also be conducting 9 open houses between September 20 and October 11. Learn more here: https://foca.on.ca/algonquin-land-claim-agreement-in-principle-signed/

Lake Environments
Algae Survey – Have you taken the survey yet? 
FOCA and our partners at the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change, Queen’s University and others, have been circulating information about a province-wide survey about algae on Ontario lakes. (FOCA Lake Stewards would have received an email from us about this, earlier in the summer.)
At this time, more survey responses are needed, to ensure this study collects a broad range of data. This information will be compared to results from a similar survey conducted 30 years ago, to see how perceptions about algae may be changing over time.
Please be part of this project! Participation is voluntary and anonymous.
You can access the survey here:  https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/algae1
Upcoming Events & Regional Notices
Muskoka Lakes Association Food Drive
Until October 9th – As the summer winds down, and you clear out the cottage pantry, MLA encourages you to take the time to support your cottage community, and donate during the fifth annual food drive! For information and drop off locations, download a one-page poster about the event. (PDF)


Dysart Septage Plan
The Haliburton Municipality of Dysart et al recently launched a Class Environmental Assessment (EA) project for their proposed Septage Management Strategy. (An overview can be found, here: http://asi-group.com/dysart-class_ea/)
image courtesy OOWA

This project is a follow-up to the municipality’s master septage plan, which is a process that FOCA believes is crucial to the responsible and sustainable management of our on-site wastewater in rural Ontario. Learn more about FOCA’s interest in septage management, including a link to our 2015 article for the Ontario Onsite Wastewater Association (titled “Where’s the Plan?“) and other links, here:  https://foca.on.ca/septage-management-plans/.

FOCA’s Bronze-level Sponsors
Dock in a Box
Cottage Dreams

Canadian Canoe Museum
Nature Clean New Logo 2013
Association Tools
Member Benefits
Do your members know about all their FOCA benefits? There are discounts, special offers and more, including:
  • 30% off online Coleman product purchases
  • a free one-year membership to the Canadian Canoe Museum (that’s a $40 value)
  • a substantial discount on Cottage Life magazine subscriptions
  • access to the CottageFirst group insurance program, and more…

See all your FOCA benefits online:  https://foca.on.ca/benefits/, or download a printable copy by clicking here. (PDF, 2 pages)


NOTE: to print a copy of the Benefits sheet that includes the ACCESS CODES for these offers, you will need to use your FOCA web Login on the Benefits webpage, or contact the office for assistance.
Cade’s Corner
Things you might not have told your Insurance broker about… but should
Read the blog from Cade Associates Insurance Brokers, who administer FOCA’s

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International Sailing Races Return to Bobcaygeon

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Aug 102017

North American M Scow Championship takes place August 19 and 20 at Pigeon Lake Yacht Club

Sailors from across North America will be arriving in Bobcaygeon on the weekend of August 18th for the North American M Scow Championship.

The ninth annual regatta takes place at the Pigeon Lake Yacht Club (121 Boyd St., Bobcaygeon), which last hosted the friendly competition in 2014.

Click for more information

New Court Date for Dewdney Mountain Quarry

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Aug 092017

Many people have been inquiring as to when the next step is in the Dewdney Mountain Quarry case and how they can support us.  Well we just found out that the next step is here. Onward we go to Divisional Court Sept 26th @ 10:00 am 150 Bond St. East, Oshawa.  If you can come in person to support us or support us financially that would be amazing! We are thankful for those who have supported us in the past.
Donations can be deposited as previously at the BMO in Bobcaygeon.
Stop The Quarry Account #0305-8994-689.  It is hard to believe the ball started rolling with this case in 2012!  We are pleased and grateful that the courts continue to listen.

Appellants for Dewdney Mountain Quarry
Kleins, Jorys, Eastmans, Johnsons, Pillsworths

Federation of Ontario Cottagers’ Associations/News, updates and more August 2017

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Aug 052017

County of Peterborough Official Plan Project

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Aug 052017

Peterborough County wants your input for this project.   Follow this link and complete the survey to become engaged.



Keep up to day on the status of their Official Plan Project by visiting their website or following them on Twitter (@PtboCounty) or Facebook  (Ptbocounty)


What do dark skies have to do with human health & biodiversity?

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Jul 272017

Dark skies are an overlooked feature of the environment and are essential to keeping our wildlife and ourselves healthy!  Dark skies help us sleep, increase our immunity and metabolism, and are this important for most mammals, birds, fishes and plants… Without night skies, we don’t reach REM sleep, and nor do hummingbirds or loons. Lighting at night distracts, confuses, and exhausts pollinators and migrating birds, and actually invites predators. Most modern forms of night lights can also blind us to the shadows.   But, there are simple fixes!….an inexpensive orange filter can make a world of difference; it can keep your property safe, ensure you see a larger distance, and not harm the wildlife too. A sheath on the fixture can also help neighbor relations as well as migrating birds…. Read More