Letter from Parks Canada Ontario Waterways Directors Office

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Jul 262016

Parks Canada

Ontario Waterways Directors Office

P.O. Box 567, 2155 Ashburnham Drive

Peterborough Ontario K9J 6Z6

July 14, 2016

Brian McFadden,

Thank you for your May 31, 2016 correspondence regarding spring water levels in Pigeon Lake.

The high water levels on Pigeon Lake in 2016 were due to a significant weather event which was evident across a large region. Rain on snow events drive the larger floods on the Trent River System as was the case in 2016. During the month of March there was 170.5 mm of precipitation, 127-3 mm of rain which was recorded at the Haliburton 3 Climate Station. The climate normal (i.e. 30 year average) for that same station is 75-4 mm of precipitation and 37-4 mm of rain. In general, there was more than as much precipitation than average and over three times as much rain. The March 2016 precipitation and rainfall exceeded the highest historic monthly values reported at the Haliburton 3 and Minden Climate Stations. Continue reading »

Nogies Creek Waterway Project

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Jul 252016

The Nogies Creek watershed, stretching from Bass Lake to Pigeon Lake, and to north Pigeon Lake encompassing Big (Boyd/Chiminis) Island, is a significant natural area boasting interesting natural features, and unique geology, physiography, fisheries and wildlife.

As a result of a partnership between Kawartha Conservation, and a number of local agencies, associations, residents, Fleming College, Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry, the Municipality of Trent Lakes, Trent University, and the Kawartha Land Trust, a concept has been developed for the area to create the ‘Nogies Creek Waterway’.  The concept positions the Waterway to be profiled and utilized as a destination for recreational, cultural, educational, and scientific activities.

A Management Plan is being developed for the area, and is anticipated to include a canoe route, self-guided nature trails for hiking, opportunities for scientific study, a fish sanctuary and opportunities for fisheries research, as well as a recreational linkage with Big (Boyd/Chiminis) Island on north Pigeon Lake.

We would like to ask you to answer a few questions to help support the development of this Management Plan.   Your input is important to us so thank you for taking the time to fill out this survey!

Nogies Creek Waterway Survey

Climate Change Strategy June 2016 -Kawartha Consevation

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Jun 112016

Kawartha Conservation is a watershed management agency delivering local services and programs that protect and manage our water and other natural resources. Our vision for the future is “a sustainable watershed with clean and abundant water and natural resources assured for future generations.” As a changing climate puts this statement at risk, we recognize that the response to this challenge must become a part of our core business. We are committed to taking immediate actions, demonstrating leadership, and supporting our communities and partners in dealing with climate change mitigation and adaptation.
>>>Download the document here<<<

Update: Wild Rice Consultations

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Jun 032016

Parks Canada began official consultation with the Williams Treaties First Nations regarding wild rice harvesting in the fall of 2015. To date, we have developed a draft Terms of Reference to govern the consultations. Discussions with the First Nations have been very productive.

Parks Canada is aware that wild rice is present in different areas of the Trent-Severn Waterway, and therefore the scope of these on-going discussions could expand to include other parts of the waterway as necessary. At this time, the lakes being considered include Pigeon Lake, Rice Lake, Chemong Lake, and Buckhorn Lake.

Through consultation with the First Nations, and open dialogue with shoreline property owners and communities, Parks Canada hopes to build a better understanding of the environmental, recreational, and economic impacts of wild rice and its harvest, including the culturally significant and spiritual importance to First Nations. Parks Canada appreciates the on-going support of the Williams Treaties First Nations, the municipalities, federal and provincial partners, the conservation authorities and the shoreline property owners, all of whom are working with us to find a balanced approach to the management of wild rice on the Trent-Severn Waterway.

A series of regular meetings is scheduled with the Williams Treaties First Nations (Wild Rice) Working Group throughout the spring. Current focus is on the environmental aspects of wild rice, and determining if scientific research is required to support the on-going discussions.



Letter from former owner of Boyd Island

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May 242016

Dear Pigeon Lake Community,
I am writing to clarify my donation of much of Big Island and surrounding small islands.
I bought the property in March 2011 as an investment. Shortly after buying it I received a letter from Kawartha Land Trust who’d researched the new owner. I then had a chance meeting with the Executive Director. The last developer spent millions on a plan on getting approvals for 95 lots.
Kawartha Land Trust continued to be in touch from 2011 on to canvass my interest. Initially, I was going go give half of the island to Kawartha Land Trust and keep the other half for my family. In August 2015, I got approval to develop 10 large residential lots of about 12 acres each with large shore frontage. As well, I received approval for one large interior lot that included all the interior of the island and the rest of the shoreline.
I am pleased that in the end, I decided to donate all the land except two small lots on the main island and one of the small islands (the one in the southeast with the beach). I have also provided a first right of refusal to Kawartha Land Trust should I decide to sell my retained parcels outside of my immediate family.
I donated this land because like many of you, I have come to appreciate how special and significant it is. Kawartha Land Trust has gained my respect and in all my experience, I have rarely seen an organization that has been so open, effective and responsible.
I learned this first hand when their Board informed me that they could not receive the donation of land without a significant ‘Stewardship Fund.’ It would be irresponsible.
I also understand that there has been some confusion on exactly what “deal” was struck. It should be clarified that the funds raised were not to purchase the lands. I donated the lands outright in addition to donating $100,000 to the campaign. That money was raised to support getting the deal completed and as a fund to manage the island long term – insurance, taxes, signage, etc.
Going forward, the island is open for use and enjoyment for all. I would like people to use the properties for generations to come however it must be in a way that is respectful and in the best interests of the island long term. Camping, fires and excessive houseboat mooring is not consistent with my wishes nor does it minimize risk of a forest fire or a lawsuit that could deplete the fund and leave Kawartha Land Trust unable to afford ownership.
95% of the community has treated the island with respect however a minority group have been treating the island like a free campground, dumping garbage, cutting trees and having open fires.
I understand permission was given to select individuals back when the Boyd Family owned the island but everyone should remember they sold the island twenty-five years ago (1990). Anyone using the Island for the last twenty-five years has been trespassing. The Boyd’s sold the property in part due to their concern for liability and a possible lawsuit against them.
I have to commend your community of donors and volunteers that rallied together. Frankly, I wasn’t sure if you could do it. I’ve been involved in many charitable and business ventures. I’ve dealt with the Nature Conservancy of Canada, a large national organization on other properties I own in Quebec and I
was amazed at the level of commitment and the focus of your local land trust. I know that there were large donations from prior Kawartha Land Trust donors making up much of the campaign however many from the local community also gave generously. Kawartha Land Trust coordinated all the complex dealings – removing the development plan, municipal working with CRA for six months to get approvals. You have put your faith in a competent model that has a prosperous future.
In closing, the scale of what the former developers tried to do would have been nothing short of criminal. With looming development proposals now behind us, I do hope the community can bask in the reality that Big Island will be around in its natural state now and into the future.
I invite you to join with Kawartha Land Trust and enjoy the island this coming summer season, and for years to come. It is a special place well worth all of our care.
Mike Wilson


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May 052016

klt logo1

May 4th, 2016

Dear Readers, 

As noted in our most recent e-newsletter, Big (Boyd/Chiminis) Island is now owned and protected for future generations by Kawartha Land Trust. We are committed to protecting the island in its natural state.

A Management Team for the Island has been established, has been meeting and as promised, has begun reaching out to the community for input. A number of events and activities are being planned on and around the island.  Stay tune for more details! Continue reading »

Bobcaygeon Chamber of Commerce Award

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Apr 242016

Hello All,

I am pleased to inform you that KLT has received the Not For Profit Achievement Award from the Bobcaygeon Chamber of Commerce, presented tonight at the Chamber’s Awards of Excellence Dinner.  Ann Adare and I were honoured to accept the award on behalf of KLT and all of the staff and volunteers that supported the Boyd Island project.

KLT expresses its gratitude to the Chamber, its members and the Bobcaygeon community for their support of the Boyd Island project, and for the honour and recognition which this award represents.

Regards, Chris

Lake Management Plan for Pigeon Lake

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Apr 232016

The information below is an update of research activities proposed by local universities (3) and Fleming College (3).  This is addition a lake research information for the Lake Managment Plan for Pigeon Lake.   As academia partners plan and undertake more specific studies, university professors look to us for a letter of support as they develop a funding proposal for a specific area of study, the sharing of our data a   Such additional research greatly builds on current knowledge as well as working towards answering certain questions. Continue reading »

KLT has been chosen to receive two awards

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Feb 242016

Hello All,

I am happy to inform you that KLT has been chosen to receive two awards on account of the Boyd island project.
The first is a Partnership Recognition Award – Natural Assets, from the Sustainable Peterborough program, March 1, 2016, 5-8 p.m., Market Hall, 140 Charlotte Street, Peterborough. (Awards ceremony scheduled for about 6:25 p.m.)

The second is an award for Environmental Recognition – Partner Category, from the Kawartha Region Conservation Authority, at their AGM, March 9, 4:30 – 6:30 p.m., Admiral Inn, 1754 Hwy. #7 West, Lindsay.
It’s an honour for KLT to receive these awards.  Credit to all the individuals and groups involved in supporting this project and realizing the dream.  Hope some of you can attend.

Chris Appleton